Serving Our North Texas Neighbors Since 1905

Personal Banking at First State Bank
For over a century, First State Bank has been committed to serving our local communities with the most convenient, innovative banking services available. At First State Bank, we treat you like our neighbor, not just an account number. When it comes to Personal Banking, we offer checking and savings accounts, debit cards and so much more. Learn more about these services below. With multiple convenient locations, we look forward to serving you.


First State Bank is proud to offer an array of checking accounts, many of which can be upgraded to offer advanced service. We offer Reward Checking, First Choice Checking, Senior Checking, Interest Checking and more.

Debit Card

With a Debit Card from First State Bank, you can safely and securely make transactions, online, in person and just about everywhere cash and/or credit cards are accepted. Get started today!

Prepaid Debit Card

A Prepaid Debit Card comes with the same convenience as our standard Debit Cards, except you choose how much or how little to load it with. These cards also make the perfect gifts for any occasion.  

SpyLink Card Protection

SpyLink is First State Bank’s handy tool that will promptly alert you via text message and/or email when there is potential fraudulent activity occurring on your account. 

Personal Savings

At First State Bank, we offer you a variety of options when it comes to saving up for the future. We offer savings accounts, Minor Savings accounts, Money Market accounts and a host of others. Start saving today!

Personal Loans

Whether you are ready to purchase that car you’ve had your eye or need to take out a Personal Term Loan, First State Bank’s Personal Loan options are tailored to fulfill your personal lending needs.

Credit Cards

We make it easy to choose the credit card that is right for you. We offer Low Rate and Preferred Points Rewards Credit Cards. They’re the only cards you need for everything you need to do.

Account Services

Our convenient Account Services allow you to take advantage of the best First State Bank has to offer. Access Online Banking, sign up for E-Statements, make P2P Payments and much more!