What Happens if Your Card Is Lost, Stolen or Has Fraud?

Giving You Peace of Mind
Cancelling a lost, stolen or compromised card is a top priority to prevent unauthorized transactions.  If outside of normal banking hours, you can use the 24 hour automated service to cancel immediately and follow up with the Electronic Services department the next business day.

Reporting a Lost or Stolen Card
Contact the bank immediately to report a lost, stolen or compromised card. You can call Electronic Services during banking hours at 940-668-4305. If you discover your card is lost or stolen outside of normal business hours, please use one of the following 24-hour automated services and follow up with Electronic Services:

  • Call (877) 660-0266 to cancel the card or to release a card block*
  • To cancel the card or to release a card block via our secure website link, click here.*

During business hours, you can contact First State Bank Electronic Services to order a replacement card.

Automated Services Information
You may be required to provide the following information when utilizing our automated lost/stolen card services:

  • Card number
  • Cardholder tax ID number
  • FSB Checking Account number
  • FSB ABA routing number: 111901467

*Blocks may be placed on a card if suspicious activity is detected. Blocks should only be released if the transaction is verified as a legitimate charge.