Get What Your Business Needs with a Working Capital Loan

Need a Working Capital Loan?
There may come a time when your business experiences a change that calls for a bit of extra funding. Whether there’s a change in workforce, a business expansion or a new project for which you require extra equipment or manpower, First State Bank can lend a helping hand with a Working Capital Loan. Working Capital Loans from First State Bank are similar to business lines of credit and are great for one-time, short-term cash injections. Our experienced lenders are trained in assessing your business’ unique needs and coming up with a plan that is right for you, so don’t hesitate to go to the nearest First State Bank location for more information.

Apply for a Working Capital Loan
We encourage you to stop by one of First State Bank’s convenient locations today to start the Working Capital Loan application process. You may also call us with any questions or concerns about our Working Capital Loans. We are a community-centered bank that always carries out business with friendly service and a smile. At First State Bank, you and your business will be treated like a neighbor, not a mere account number. We look forward to meeting with you!