Full-Service Checking for the Golden Years

Checking Accounts for Senior Citizens

First State Bank offers a convenient checking account option specially tailored to our community’s senior citizens. Senior Checking accounts are full-service checking accounts that come complete with personalized senior checks, Online Bill Pay and a debit card. If you’re at least 62 years old, a Senior Checking account may be the perfect option for you.

There’s only a $100 deposit required to open a Senior Checking account.

The Benefits of Senior Checking

First State Bank is committed to giving our customers access to the most convenient services the banking industry has to offer, and Senior Checking is no exception. A Senior Checking account comes with an array of benefits, including those listed below.

  • Open to individuals aged 62 and older
  • Come with personalized senior checks or 50% discount on checks of your choice
    • Cashier's checks
    • Paper images with mailed statements
  • A debit card
  • Access to online banking services, including:
  • Account security with SpyLink
  • Deposits to checking and savings
  • Cash withdrawals from your account
  • Balance inquiries
  • Money transfers to checking and savings

Debit Cards for Senior Checking

When you open a Senior Checking account with First State Bank, you will be issued a debit card connected to your account. Your debit card will enable you to make cash withdrawals from all FSB, Plus and PULSE ATM locations. This card offers the convenience and acceptance of a credit card and works just like a check. Any transaction you make with your debit card will be taken out of your Senior Checking account.

Senior Checking Upgrade Options

One of the best parts about our Senior Checking accounts is the fact that you can upgrade them to take full advantage of what Senior Checking has to offer. To upgrade, First State Bank conveniently offers three upgrade options—Silver, Gold and Platinum—that provide added account features, such as Accidental Death Insurance and 911 Fraud Recovery. View the graphic below to learn more about Senior Checking upgrades. 

$9.95 per month
$4.95 per month
$2.95 per month
$10,000 Accidental Death Insurance per acct ($5,000 from age 70+) y y y
Paper images available with mailed statements* y y y
Personalized Platinum checks included y
50% off personal checks of your choice y y
Fraud 911 Recovery y y
Identity Watch Fraud Protection y
Free Cashier Checks y
Free Personal Money Orders y
FSB's foreign ATM transaction fee waived y
Sweeps - Automatic IntraBank Deposit Transfers y
Additional Benefits included y

*Reward accounts - Online access only

Open Your Senior Checking Account Today

If you’re ready to open a Senior Checking account with First State Bank, just choose the method that works best for you. 


If you like the convenience of doing everything online from the comfort of your home or office, this option is for you. Opening an account with us online is a pretty straightforward process, but we will happily help you out if you need any assistance. Just contact the branch nearest you and we will make sure you get everything set up smoothly.

With a Banker

If you prefer to talk to a person, our friendly and experienced bankers are ready to assist! Contact your local banker and they will gladly walk you through the process.