A Convenient, Secure Way to Pay

Prepaid Debit Cards Give You Control Over Your Funds

Prepaid Debit Cards are among the most popular payment methods today thanks to their convenience and easy-to-manage nature. With Prepaid Debit Cards, you can easily control your expenses since you load it with the amount of money you deem necessary. Plus, these cards make great gifts for any occasion.

Benefits of Prepaid Debit Cards

  • Make purchases online, in person and over the phone
  • Withdraw cash from worldwide ATMs
  • Easily and safely used internationally
  • Reloadable
  • Make great gifts for all occasions
  • Money Management

What About Fees?

It’s important to note that transaction fees and costs as well as certain terms and conditions are associated with the use of Prepaid Debit Cards from First State Bank. Please see cardholder agreement for more details. Contact us for the Prepaid Debit Cardholder agreement, or you can call our main line for more information: (940) 665-1711.

Get Your Prepaid Debit Card Today

Prepaid Debit Cards offer a secure way to pay. They are also the perfect tools for parents to use when teaching their teenagers healthy spending habits. Further, they help you control your expenses since the only funds available are the ones you load onto the card yourself. To get your Prepaid Debit Card, you can stop by or call your nearest First State Bank branch today.