Get Notified About Any Suspicious Account Activity

Security for the 21st Century

With more and more cases of debit and credit card fraud occurring every day, it helps to have someone looking out for you and your account transactions. Consider First State Bank’s SpyLink tool your personal and business credit and debit card security system. SpyLink utilizes technology you already use on a day-to-day basis to instantly notify you about high-dollar, possibly fraudulent transactions. Since many of our transactions take place online or via a mobile app these days, SpyLink is exactly the kind of tool you need for account security in the 21st century.  

How Does SpyLink Work?

It’s very simple. If we detect card transactions out of your normal pattern, SpyLink will immediately alert you via text and/or email. The first transaction will approve, but a temporary block will be placed on your card to prevent future transactions until you confirm the transaction is legitimate. You can verify by replying to the text with the code provided (preferred) or calling the phone number included with the text or email. As an added feature, SpyLink will also send a notification text after high-dollar transactions. The large-dollar notifications require no action; they simply ensure you are aware of the card usage. If you suspect fraud, you can always cancel your card here.

Enroll in SpyLink Today

To have access to SpyLink’s convenient level of card security, we encourage you to enroll in this service today! Accounts registered with SpyLink may also be eligible for a limit increase.