Work Smarter with Cash Management from First State Bank

Features of Cash Management at FSB
At First State Bank, our cash management services are set up to make managing your funds a breeze. We offer these cash management options for your convenience:

  • Ability to control access rights for multiple users
  • Payroll and Other ACH Origination Services
  • Positive Pay
  • Remote Deposit Capture (Cyber Deposit)

Select from three online plans to best meet your business needs:

  • Basic Online Access (One User)
  • Multiuser Access with Customized Authorizations
  • Cash Management with Optional Bill Pay, ACH Origination, Positive Pay and Multiuser Access

Please note that if you opt for the Cash Management with ACH Services, additional documentation and approval will be required for ACH authorization.

Online Business Banking
No time to make a stop at the bank? No problem! First State Bank’s Online Business Banking offers you more ways to control your finances with greater ease, accuracy and organization than ever before. It is accessible from any standard web browser and requires no special software downloads.

Online Business Banking lets you access balances and transfer information, initiate transactions and perform other cash-management-related tasks without ever leaving your office. That means less time out and about and more time spent doing what you love.

Make your life easier with Online Business Banking from First State Bank. It's fast, easy and secure so you work smarter, not harder. For more information about features or fees, click the button below or give us a call at (940) 665-1711.

Cyber Deposit/Remote Deposit Capture
Cyber Deposit utilizes remote deposit capture technology to make deposits into your business account. With Cyber Deposit, you scan your checks and deposit them electronically from your business place to your business bank account. All you need is a personal computer with Internet access and a compatible scanner. You’ll just run your checks through the scanner and watch each paper check get converted into an electronic image, resulting in an electronic deposit into your bank account. If you need more information about our Cyber Deposit technology or would like to request a demonstration, please contact the First State Bank location nearest you, or call us at (940) 665-1711. Please note that additional documentation and approval are required for Cyber Deposit.