Safe and Secure Services for Your Protection and Convenience

Our Card Services
When it comes to your debit card, First State Bank offers convenient Card Services to keep your card, account information and identity safe and secure.

Lost or Stolen Cards
If your card is ever lost or stolen, disabling the card quickly is a top priority. First State Bank provides a fast and easy way to cancel your card day or night if it is out of your possession or you notice unauthorized activity. To cancel through our automated service call (877) 660-0266. You can also cancel your card here.

Add an extra layer of protection to your debit card with SpyLink. This free service alerts you via text message and/or email if suspicious or unusual activity is detected. You can follow the alert instructions to verify a valid transaction – or cancel your card in the event of fraud. You can also cancel your card or release a block by calling our automated number (877) 660-0266. To learn more or enroll in SpyLink, click here.

*Blocks may be placed on a card if suspicious activity is detected. Blocks should only be released if the transaction is verified as a legitimate charge.